Quilt Rack

This hand-made quilt rack is an excellent way to display your own hand-made craft. This rack protects your work as it displays it, making it the perfect compliment your own hand-made piece of work.

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This shelf is ideal for books, decor, or decorative storage. This style of shelf can be made in a variety of woods and with darker or lighter stains in order to compliment your home's current design.
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Coffee Tables

These coffee tables are all handmade out of a variety of woods in order to create an attractive, unique piece of furniture.

Picture Frames

Original picture frames are a particular passion of mine. I offer a variety of frames in highly original and elegant woods. I have oak, red western cedar, birds- eyed maple, red oak, butternut, spalted, and some stained frames in both 8X10 and 11X14 standard sizes. Please contact me for a full list of available wood choices.

Cutting Boards

These cutting boards are available in 16" and 24" length styles. Boards are made from a variety of hardwoods in order to obtain the most attractive and functional design.

Care for these cutting boards is exceptionally easy.